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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Oct. 9, 2012 Meeting Minute

Curt Fackler, Chairman, NITNC, welcomed the 59 attendees.

Jim Bakke provided an update on Community Assembly activities.

Diana Postlewait reported on our treasury.

Spokane Police gave a Crime Update.

Terry Deno issued dump passes.

Candidates spoke and Ballot Issues were discussed.

Curt Fackler gave an update on the MFTE renewal.

Curt Fackler reported on a proposal to create a Dog Park on the vacant Meadowglen Park land next to the STA turnaround on Indian Trail near the power lines.

John Dietzman gave an update on the Animal Clinic issue and the membership voted on the proposed rezoning as follows: Yes = 21 ,Conditional Yes = 25 ,No = 1 , Abstain = 0 , The full wording of the proposal voted upon is:

Proposal: Rezone about 2 acres at the NE corner of Barnes and Indian Trail Road from Residential Single Family and Residential Two Family to Office (35 foot height limit) for the purpose of allowing construction of an Animal Clinic for Dr. Ryan Brown, who currently practices in leased facilities in Sundance Plaza. Rezoning is contingent upon obtaining the following three approvals within a limited time frame (1 year is the likely time limit):
1. Permission to abandon the Woodridge Drive right-of-way that bisects the Office 35 property.
2. Replatting of the remaining 2/3's of the parcel, which remains Residential Single Family, to reflect slight changes in lot size and location that are required.
3. Development Agreement that determines certain details such as building siting, setbacks, landscaping, etc. and stipulates that the property will revert to Residential Single Family and Residential Two Family zoning if all requirements are not met.
NOTE: The written Plan Commission Findings and Recommendations and the exact requirements of the proposed Development Agreement had not been finalized and made public at the time this vote was taken. This vote is taken by NITNC members at the regular monthly meeting on 10/9/12, without benefit of the exact Development Agreement requirements, because the City Council is expected to have a hearing on the issue prior to our next meeting on 11/13/12. The results of this vote will be presented to the City Council at that hearing.

_________21__________ YES _________1___________ NO _________0___________ ABSTAIN
_________25__________ CONDITIONAL YES, because the exact Development Agreement is not yet available. This is a yes vote, provided adequate protection is contained in the Development Agreement to absolutely assure that, if, for any reason, an Animal Clinic is not built for Dr. Brown, the property zoning will revert to the original Residential Single Family and Residential Two Family zoning.

Submitted: John Dietzman, Past Co-Chairman
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