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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Mar. 12, 2013 Meeting Minute

Curt Fackler, Chairman, NITNC, welcomed the attendees.

Jim Bakke provided an update on Community Assembly activities.

Diana Postlewait reported a balance of $2023.70 in our treasury.

Spokane Police gave a Crime Update.

The need for Code Enforcement Volunteers was discussed. The Office of Neighborhood Services and Code Enforcement is calling for volunteers to participate in the Citizen Code Enforcement Volunteer Program. This program has successfully finished one training and will be offering training again for the Spring from March 6th-April 3rd, 2013. They need at least 10 people to participate for the program to continue to operate. The Citizen Code Enforcement Volunteer will primarily perform duties out in the field identifying code violations for Code Enforcement Officers to perform further investigation. Citizen Code Enforcement Volunteers help to be the eyes on the streets for Code Enforcement Officers. This is a good opportunity as well for our neighborhood to have a trained volunteer who could help with any code questions you or the neighborhood may have as well as potentially help to coordinate a Neighborhood Code Emphasis event in our neighborhood. For further information contact Jackie Caro, Office of Neighborhood Services and Code Enforcement, 509.625.6733, mobile 509.499.3335,

The Nuisance House at the corner of Seminole and Fleetwood was discussed by the Spokane Police. Judge Kathleen O'Conner opened the hearing on the case on 2-21-13, but then continued it until the until the next day because the owner requested time to obtain a lawyer. On Friday 2-22-13, Judge O'Conner ruled that 10150 N Seminole was a Chronic Nuisance Drug House and issued a Preliminary Injunction and Restraining Order requiring the house to be immediately vacated and secured to prevent all entry. Neighborhood Conditions Officer, Paul Taylor and neighbor Brent Herberg gave excellent testimony concerning the very numerous illegal and disturbing activities that have occurred at the house since August 2012 and the frequent attempts by police, including arrests of numerous individuals, to persuade the owner, Mary Pratt, to abate these activities. About 50 neighbors from the affected houses nearby were present to show their united concern. Many had submitted written affidavits, photos, and videos of the unacceptable activities they had witnessed. Mrs. Pratt had not had sufficient time to review some of this voluminous evidence and had not been able to hire an attorney to represent her in this hearing. Therefore, Judge O'Conner set a future hearing on March 18th to let her respond further to the charges and determine if a Permanent Injunction will be issued to board up the house and prevent all entry for a period of up to 12 months (the maximum period allowed under the law).

Leroy Eadie, Director of Parks and Recreation, discussed activities of the Parks Department.

Andrew Hill, gave an update on the Excelsior Youth Center.

Some candidates for City Council spoke.

Submitted: John Dietzman, Past Co-Chairman
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